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Don't let this be the story of your campaign:

This past weekend the campaign had talked up passing out ONE MILLION lawn signs. It was going to be their big splash event, something big and bold to get a bunch of earned media.

But a funny thing happened, there were no lawn signs, no big events from the campaign.

Rumors that they had trouble with their vendor: "Our yard signs have been delayed in route from China. We expect to distribute them within the next two weeks. I will email you as soon as they arrive."

So the campaign, rather than purchasing some good old fashioned union made in America lawn signs, went to some cut rate producer in China who blew the delivery date by at least three weeks.

Our union-made yard signs, highway signs, stickers, buttons, T-Shirts, and other swag are always produced right here in the USA, by American-workers, on-budget, on-time, and we've never blown a deadline. If you have a specific event date we'll meet it.

DemSign specializes in providing custom imprinted materials for political campaigns, unions, government agencies, and progressive organizations. We understand the needs of Democratic political campaigns and progressive organizations large and small. We have helped campaigns as large as Barack Obama and John Kerry's Presidential campaigns, as small as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner in Washington, D.C., and at all levels federal, state, and local in between in all 50 states. We are here to help your campaign win your election. We offer great customer service, top quality products, value prices, design assistance, and fast service.

DemSign makes you look good. Our professional, union graphic designers understand branding and will ensure that your message is delivered professionally and consistently on every product you order. Don't have a logo? We can create and design your campaign logo. We understand labeling and disclaimer rules, and while we cannot hope to know every last rule change in every locality across this great country, we know the questions to ask to help keep you in compliance and avoid fines from local, state, and federal campaign oversight entities.

Don't see what you're looking for on our website? Just ask! If it can be printed, cut, molded, engraved, or embroidered we can obtain it from a factory here in America, made by American workers.

Unlike some of our competitors, we don't run a scam saying we'll add a union bug for an "extra fee". We offer products imprinted and manufactured in genuine union-shops (where possible, we offer a few Made in the USA, non-union items, please check the product description), with a licensed union bug. If you have any questions please ask in advance.

DemSign supplies advertising specialties, promotional products, gifts, and awards to Democrats, political campaigns, schools, churches, real estate agents, businesses, non-profits, and progressive organizations.

DemSign offers the cheapest union-made election campaign lawn signs or any coroplast (corrugated plastic), polyboard (polycoated cardboard), polybag signs, and posters. We always source the cheapest union-made political yard signs for your campaign. We make highway signs, 4x8s, road signs, and billboard signs. We supply H-frames, U-frames, wire stands, and wire frames. We provide custom discount bumper stickers, roll labels, vinyl stickers, vehicle lettering, magnets, banners, window decals, metal tabs, buttons, bumper sticker magnets, magnetic car signs, T-shirts, pens, and pencils. We are the least inexpensive union-made promotional product provider on the internet and we have everything your Democratic campaign needs.

Lawn Signs, Banners, Podium Signs, & Billboard Signs: Lawn Signs, Banners, Podium Signs, & Billboard Signs


Roll Labels, Buttons, & Bumper Stickers: Roll Labels, Buttons, Magnets, & Bumper Stickers


Direct Mail, Palm Cards, & Door Hangers: Direct Mail, Palm Cards, & Door Hangers


T-shirts, Business Cards, Church Fans, Water Bottles, and anything else you can imagine: T-shirts, Business Cards, Stadium Cushions, Church Fans, Cups, Keychains
To order call: 866-477-2259 or email

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