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Union-printed on rugged tear-resistant vinyl, banners are designed for outdoor and repeat use. They are seamed around all four sides for added strength and wind resistance. Grommets can be added for easy hanging and wind slats cut to ensure your banner isn't a sail. Tied up or screwed down, your banner should last for years without tearing or fading. Ask for "pole pockets" to use your sign in a parade or hang it from rafters.

Our Gloss Quick Banner are made by applying cut vinyl to the surface of the material and sold by the square foot, so for example a 8' wide by 4' tall banner laid out in one-color is 32 sq. ft. x $5/sq ft is $160. Additional colors add another $1/sq ft, so a two color 8'x4' banner is $192. Solid colors only, photos and halftones cannot be reproduced on quick banners.

Our Matte Vinyl and Canvas Banners are produced by 4-color process digital printing, thus there is no charge for extra colors. Any design may be reproduced on matte or canvas banners.

Ask us what the right production method is for your project.

Material 1 6 12 24
Gloss Quick Banner $5.00/sq ft $4.90/sq ft $4.80/sq ft $4.70/sq ft
Add'l Colors $1.00/sq ft per color $0.95/sq ft per color $0.90/sq ft per color $0.85/sq ft per color
Matte Banner $9.50/sq ft $9.00/sq ft $8.50/sq ft $8.00/sq ft
Canvas Banner $10.00/sq ft $9.50/sq ft $9.00/sq ft $8.50/sq ft
Pole Pockets $2/linear ft
Grommets 4 included. Additional Grommets 40ยข each
Minimum Charge $60 Ask (if your banner is under 8 sq ft )
To order call: 866-477-2259 or email

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